Course Title:

Temporary Traffic Management Design Level 3 (Dual Carriageway and Motorways).

Training Aim:

To train Learners in the principles of temporary traffic management design and planning in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual, DTTAS Temporary Traffic Management Design Guidance Document, Health and Safety Legislation, Road and Road Traffic Legislation, case law and industry best practice.

Course will equip learners with:

  • Knowledge of where to access the relevant information, design standards, and guidance material.
  • Ability to plan safe and efficient Lane Closures.
  • Ability to plan safe and efficient TTM Plans for Narrow Lane Systems, hard shoulder running and contraflows and Mobile Lane Closures.
  • Ability to produce safe and efficient plans for a range of scenarios, from simple footway works to more complex multistage roadworks.

Training Award:

Accredited Level 6 Special Purpose Award.

Duration of Course:

3 Days:

  • 1 x Day Online
  • 2 x Days Classroom

Expiry Period:

5 years.

Renewal method:

Full Resit course + Exam.

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